The College Money Network is a group of personal finance blogs run by college students, grad students, and recent grads. We have come together to bring you the best content possible to help college students and recent grads improve their finances in college and after college. While we all write about personal finance, we come from diverse backgrounds, and each one of us has our own unique perspective and voice. By joining forces, we will work together to provide you with the most informative and entertaining content on issues that affect twenty-somethings like us.

Current Members

Broke Grad Student [RSS]
Adventures in paying back $22,000 in student loans

Financial Nut [RSS]
business. finance. economics.

Green Panda Treehouse [RSS]

LivingAlmostLarge [RSS]
Trying to live large

Poorer Than You [RSS]
Talking about money, without being boring.

This Writer’s Wallet [RSS]
the story of an Chicago 20-something as she tries to make, save and spend money

Spilling Buckets [RSS]
Our story as we discover: what it means to be wealthy, how to create flexible income and manage expenses, and how to abandon the deferred life plan while designing a fulfilling existence.

Former Members

Broke-Ass Student [RSS]
… where my idea of splurging is feeding my cat Fancy Feast

MFA or Bust [RSS]
Fine Arts ≠ Money